CheeZe Spread: Healthier and Greener Way

When you break it down, "cheeZe" spread is created from processed plant-based ingredients that have been oiled and turned into a gooey paste. It's basically the same thing as a soy based meat substitute. It's made with nuts, seeds, and spices to give it flavor. And you know what? These days there are plenty of vegan cheese spreads on store shelves that have rave reviews from consumers.

In this article we'll cover some of our favorite dairy alternative cheese spreads from Sama.

The first one on our list of the best vegan cheese spreads is the following:

1. CheeZe Flavor. A cheddarrific experience, this one will fool you with its amazing texture and flavor profile that is like a real spreadable cheese.

2. Smokey Flavor. This one has just the right amount of bite. The smokey flavor could go good on sandwiches, and even drop a dollop on a salad to jazz it up!

3. Jalapeno Flavor. Need some zest in your life? The subtle hotness of this spread can wake up the senses. Try it on a crabless cake or with carrot sticks.

If you haven't seen Sama in your store shelves, makes sure to request it to the manager!

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