Sama SPREAD – What’s in a Name?

As we continue to grow and expand this year, our customers have been asking:

1) Why did we add ‘Sama’ to our name?

2) Did the product change?

Let’s start with the first question.

We wanted to tweak our name to help distinguish it from other spreadable products and to reflect the qualities and values we hold dear.

We chose to add “Sama” – a Buddhist term meaning “in balance with nature.” This reflects our intention to support healthy eating, environmental sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals by using only whole, high quality plant based foods as the ingredients in Sama SPREAD.

We have no new business partners, nor have we been bought out!

To answer to the second question is NO! Sama SPREAD has not changed at all.

You can relax and have confidence you will find the same great ingredients and the same healthy nutrition in every container of Sama SPREAD you purchase.

We did change was our label colors to help make the flavors more logical and identifiable. So, now the green label means Jalapeño, yellow is Cheddar Style and burnt orange is Smokey.

We hope you enjoy our new colors, labels and name and are excited to be moving into new markets, giving more people a new choice in healthy eating.

We sincerely appreciate the support of all of our customers! You make Sama SPREAD possible.

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